The Nuggie Chronicles

These writings contain extracts from ‘The Nuggie Chronicles.’ This sacred document was uncovered in recent years, and gives an account of the various events throughout the Cairn Holme Tribe’s history.

Though it took me many years, I have made it my work to translate these documents into our own fair tongue, in the hope that it will help those who come after me to better understand these noble little sprites, and the land which surrounds us.

They were here a long time before us, and I believe, will be here a long time after mankind has left this place; such wisdom, should be heeded.

What follows, was one of the first I translated, and since it relates to our own people, I thought it the best one to start with. I hope that as you read these words, they offer you enlightenment, and hope. We should never forget the amazing creatures that surround us in this magical place. We would be condemned to the abyss without them.

Humbly Yours,

Laird Angus Anstruther

The Nuggie Chronicles: "Man"

The Nuggie Chronicles: "The Kelpie War"

A Nuggie Buy on Olida
Graphics by Paul Gildea