The Epic Fantasy Series… Can they be Exhausting?

As an avid reader of fantasy, I find myself musing on this point…

I am currently reaching the end of the final book in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series… or at least, reaching the end of the final book released so far. While I now think of the characters within the books as old friends, I can’t help feeling frustrated at the amount of my time I have given to the series… At the moment, I have no idea when the next instalment will be released, never mind when the story will finally be concluded.

The series has taken up my reading time over the past few months, and has left me with a rather weighty pile of books which I still have to get through. One of these is the last part of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle… I know before I read it, I’ll at least need to re-read Brisingr… will I be the same with George R R Martin? When the next instalment of Ice and Fire is released, will I need to re-read the last book? The last two? That’s a lot of reading!

It makes me contemplate the nature of the epic fantasy series… What do you think?

I have now ranted at you for long enough… and even though this has seemed slightly negative… I will still read fantasy series. With Ice and Fire, it’s worth it for Tyrion alone! Bring on some more Peter Dinklage when it returns to Sky Atlantic next month!

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    Oh man What might I express? Really… really loved the contentThank you so much!

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