When do Writers Write?

Well, I had a fantastic time at Wigtown Book Festival and I would like to thank Steve at the Creaking Shelves for all his help. He has a fabulous store and I would recommend a visit to anyone! I also got to meet the lovely Mr Ian Rankin, and he was kind enough to stand and have a lovely chat with Sam Wilding and me.

Since coming back, I ended up having to do a final pre-launch run through of ‘The Long Staff’, and this week, we’re trying to find somewhere cool for the launch.

I didn’t think when I took some time to do all of this full time, that I would struggle to find time to write, but it’s really easy to find yourself extremely busy!

I’m currently 3/4 way through the first draft of ‘The Ancient Exile’ and I have several other ideas on the side that I would love to develop… so much to write, not enough time!

Thanks for reading guys, and I will definitely let you all know as soon as we have a venue organised for the launch. We’re hoping for October 25th 2010!

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