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I find myself facing the official launch of The Long Staff… The moment I have been waiting for, for a very long time. However, the time I spend finding just the right passage to read, or trying to invent tasks to do with kids on my school visits,  feels strange. It’s strange to go from hiding behind a laptop, to having to speak my words aloud to people. It’s usually my empy living room that lives the tale aloud.

I think as an unpublished author, you have a world that you create, people who become your friends, and they purely belong to you. It’s daunting to send them off out into the world to face another’s scrutiny. What if someone is mean to one of my creations? I love them all so much and wish to protect them. Still, like children, they must leave the nest. I cannot keep them at home, never to make friends of their own.

I also find myself, when writing, feeling like I’m having an elicit affair. Should I be spending time upon writing new strange stories, when I need to be encouraging people to read my finished article? I wonder how other authors deal with this.

On the other hand, I am absolutely loving The Ancient Exile (book two in The Staff Wielder Series). There are hoards of new magical creatures rearing their heads, along with my favourites from book one, ‘The Nuggies’. I have found myself surprised by how many different little creatures are cropping up. I love writing when I find myself surprised by what’s happening on the page. I think those who enjoy The Long Staff will love the second installment. Tom is older, perhaps not wiser, and facing a challenge which will throw his world into complete turmoil.

When next I blog, I’m sure that the launch will have taken place and I can let you know how the baby turned out (having flown the nest). Till then, Keep Wielding!

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  1. James McDowell Says:

    Good Luck with your launch on the 25th at Hamilton. I wish that i could be there to share the moment with you but hopefully i will get that experience when you come to America to launch your your series.
    Your book was great and we are looking forward to the Ancient Exile.
    James McDowell
    Cedar Rapids,Iowa

  2. Sarah Callejo Says:

    Good luck for your launch. You are very brave.
    I know what you mean about starting on the next without having “closed” the first one. I’m in that position now, I keep thinking I should be rewriting the first but I’m halfway through the second. All dilemmas.

  3. Clare Wilson Says:

    Thanks guys… I appreciate the comments. I’m excited about Monday night, it’ll be a new experience for me. Now just need to practising reading aloud! x

  4. Lynn Strathdee Says:

    Good luck with the launch. I am sure it will be a huge success and you so deserve it. xx

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