Holy Cross School Visit

Well… today I had a wonderful visit a Holy Cross High School in Hamilton. It was wonderful to return to my old school for the day, even if they are in a new posh building… There were plenty of familiar faces as well as the new ones.

After some reading sessions and workshops with the S1 and S2 pupils, I definitely hope to go back in the future. Thank you to all the pupils and teachers who were involved in the sessions. I look forward to your book reviews and maybe getting some copies of the fabulous pictures that you drew for me.

We had two headed alien robots and cannibalistic evil plants that live beneath the forest floor and lure you to your death… fantastic characters thanks to the imagination of the kids at Holy Cross. I had a ball.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas and I’ll let you know as soon as any new school/ book store dates are arranged.

Until then, Keep Wielding!

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