An update from my base in Cairn Holme…

Hi there guys,

I realised that I hadn’t put a little update on here in a while and thought it would be nice to check in.

So, since I’m steeped in the World of Staff Wielder, I thought I would write to you from my base here in Cairn Holme. I’m currently sitting in a lovely wooded clearing, listening to the birds singing in the tree tops above me. Two jolly squirrells are flitting from branch to branch having a wonderful time. (Obviously this means I’m actually sitting at my laptop in London, where the sky rather gloomy and I’m contemplating another cup of Lady Grey.)

I have had a great time lately between finishing the first draft of book two in the series, ‘The Ancient Exile’, and also visiting some more schools. I went round four Glasgow schools for ‘World Book Day’, and had an amazing time. We created some amazing characters and I was really impressed by the imaginations of the kids at: St Denis’ Primary, Haghill Park Primary, Oakgrove Primary and St Ninian’s Primary.

So, since the school holidays are now in full swing (yippee I hear you cry), I am now back to writing for a couple of weeks. It’s been fun so far, getting back to my roots so to speak.

I couldn’t write here about everything I’ve been doing, without mentioning the following blog, to which I am now completely addicted. Kristen Lamb’s blog: is a must for any of you budding writers out there. A former editor and now writer, she gives us all a little insight into what publishers are looking for in a story. She also does it in a very easy going and humorous way. I now await the next installment dropping into my inbox with glee.

Whether you’re considering writing your first short story, or you’re sitting down to write your first full length masterpiece, she’s definitely worth checking out.

Anyway, toodle pip!

I must get back to my writing now. I’m working on a cool new story about a teenage girl, Portia, who’s dead. She can’t get into heaven because it’s full… Between trying to get used to life as a ghost and also trying to sneak her way into heaven, she gets up to all sorts of shenanigans. I also finally found a place to insert a character I have wanted to use for a long time. In this case, a ghost cat called, ‘Mr Fibbers.’

Keep wielding guys!

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  1. Mr Fibbers Says:

    Hi Clare – I’m still waiting patiently for book 3 of the staff wielder series! Loved the first 2 and hope to continue the story very soon. All the best!

    Mr F

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